BeanIT Ltd pride themselves on providing an excellent and reliable service at affordable prices.

Their diverse range of skills continue to grow by following market trends, improving company standards, and listening to you the customer.

BeanIT are partnered with several trusted leading service providers who can provide their customers with additional services of as excellent quality as our own.

BeanIT Ltd was established as a company by Allan Bean in 2000, with some 25 years industry experience, and continues to grow with you, our customer.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • IT consultancy
  • IT services
  • E-mail and internet
  • Hardware and software
  • Friendly, helpful advice
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Serviced Areas

  • Staffordshire

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  • Cash, BACS, Cheque

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  City Tamworth
  Postcode B77 3NB
  Address 25 Riverfield Grove
  Phone Number (018) 276-8613

Products & Services

Business Network Support

As your business grows you will discover needs for more networked devices, both wired and wireless. If your business currently has two or more computers, you really should consider having them networked together. Bean IT can supply, install and configure any networked devices to suit your requirements. Our business network support services can help ensure their smooth running.

Server Services

At Bean IT we have the skills and experience to advise you of what servers, operating systems and applications would best suit your businesses current and anticipated future requirements. We specialise in server installation and management and work with Microsoft and Windows server support. We provide realistic server services that meet your small business server needs


Keep your computers running at optimal performance with Computer Maintenance from Bean IT
It’s all too easy to overlook computer maintenance.

You would never consider owning and driving a car without maintaining it. If you did, soon the car would slow down and run less efficiently, until it eventually became unusable or stopped completely – perhaps forever.

The same is true with a computer system. Computer maintenance is an essential factor.

  • I would recommend this business

I have used Bean I.T company on two occasions. Once when my server crashed due to power surge and once most recently when I upgraded my whole network, server, work stations etc.

They are very talented, knowledgeable and helpful and they carried out the job so smoothly and professionally with minimum distribution to my busy business. I highly recommend this company, especially Allan Bean.

His service is excellent.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business

We decided to outsource our IT support as we had grown too large to manage this in house but not so large so as to warrant a dedicated full time internal position. After investigating different providers, we settled on Bean IT as their rates were very competitive, the service offer was flexible of a high quality and came a “personal” approach compared to other provider’s.
Bean IT got to grips with our fairly complex set up quickly and to date provide a first class and very responsive support service.

They also managed a premises move which involved setting up over 70 machines and devices from two different locations into one new site as well as providing and installing our wifi, complicated network patching and numerous servers within the installation. Everything went smoothly and we were up and running and operational on day one.It was as if we had never left our old premises! Very impressive.We remain loyal customers of Bean IT, they are a great service company you can definitely rely on every time.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

Bean IT have proven to be an invaluable resource in our business arsenal.
Whenever we encounter a problem that our internal department have exhausted their knowledge on, Allan offers a friendly and professional fresh set of eyes and a new approach in tackling our IT issues.

Allan and the team at Bean IT look after all of our IT requirements at Stratique. As a busy marketing, digital and web agency it is critical that our IT systems are up and running 100% of the time. Allan is very responsive, reliable and our trusted advisor. Bean IT do the right thing, on budget and are an extension of our in-house team; true partners!
I have no hesitation recommending Bean IT to anyone.

I took my laptop to several computer repair outlets, they all said the same thing ‘it’s not worth it you could buy one cheaper.’ Allan said to me ‘I will repair it’ and so he did. This is a big thank you, I will have no hesitation of using his services again.

In need of a major overhaul of our IT systems, we employed Bean IT to assist. The entire system was changed, with new hardware, server systems and software included, so a big and time critical job. The complete process from start to finish, was smooth and with no disruption to our business. Always help and always available when help is needed, we thoroughly recommend them.

I have always found the staff at Bean IT pleasant and professional to work with. They are never too busy to respond to a query or if they are unable to, they will get back to us swiftly.

From Our Website

We understand when your tablet or laptop breaks or becomes tiresomely slow, you need it fixed quickly and professionally. Drop us a call or email for a free no obligation quote on how we can help. Voice over IP Telephones VoIP is a technology that enables you to telephone people via the internet rather than using a regular telephone wire Drop us a call or email for a free no obligation quote on how we can help. Cyber Essentials Accredited Cyber Essentials aims to help organisations implement basic levels of protection against cyber attack, demonstrating to their customers that they take cyber security seriously.

Bean IT provides remote support and monitoring services for your computers. We provide remote support and monitoring for both businesses and home users. Our software makes it possible to monitor your laptop/s, computer/s, business IT systems and servers from our offices. This service enables us to monitor and support your computers to ensure that they are running efficiently at all times. Our remote support software enables us to access your computer to resolve any problems with minimal disruption to your business and rapid response times.

At Bean IT we have a wealth of business IT experience. We havethe facilities in place to provide you all your ITservices under one roof. From servers for small businessto maintenance to internet and email we offer tailored solutions to best suit your needs. Bean IT understand that your IT systems are critical to your business success, therefore instant access to computer support is a priority. You have a business to run, so why not focus on your core business and let us maintain your office computers and network infrastructure.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) enables you to telephone people using the internet rather than a regular phone line. These phones can telephone around the world and is a cheaper way of making calls, sometimes free. VOIP phones can be a headset, PC or ordinary telephone. Caller ID, call waiting, return call and threeway calling available. Your location does not need to be tied down to your area. You can be based in Birmingham and have a London phone number. No longer tied to one location as your telephone system can go with you to work from home, alternative office, client's premises etc.

Bean IT's computer services will ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit from your existing IT systems. By analysing your current systems and providing guidance and advise on either optimising or upgrading, to get the most out of your existing infrastructure. If your business has been running for some time, chances are that you will need to upgrade your IT equipment to keep up with the growing demands of your business. If you simply require more data storage, or a complete IT system replacement, Bean IT can advise and assist you to get the best value for money from upgrading your systems.

With the best will in the world accidents do happen. At some point most of us have made the mistake of deleting that critical file. In some cases, someonehas formatted an entire disk only to lose everything. Hard disk failure also results in data loss. A data loss could even be the result ofhard disk failure. Fortunately Bean IT's data recovery services take all the panic out of recovering lost data. Bean IT will inthe majority ofcases be able to recover most if not all of your valuable data. This is because of theirestablished data recovery methods.

Data and data storage is the core of your business. The consequences of total business data loss can at best be highly disruptive and at worst catastrophic. Recent studies have shown that of businesses which suffer total data loss, 43% never open again, 80% of those that stay open fail within 13 months, and 54% of those that still stay open never fully recover. It is vitally important that your data is stored safely and efficiently, and that a backup is stored securely off-site, as fire, theft and natural disasters can quite easily cause total loss of all on-site data.

It's important in business to remain in communication, if you regularly find yourself using the telephone to call different offices then VoIP might be the perfect option to reduce costs for your organisation. This system is already widely used in businesses as it's proven to be a great option with little to no disadvantages. What is VoIP (Voice Over IP)? VoIP is a technology that enables one to telephone people via the internet rather than using a regular phone. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.