Angus PC Repairs was established in 2001 to meet the needs of a mostly rural area of Scotland. No-one wants to dis-assemble their computer and drive to Dundee, Aberdeen, or Perth to have it repaired - so why not have a service which comes to the customer.

Run by an IT professional with 30 years of computing experience and qualifications in engineering and business, Angus PC Repairs is a company which cares about customer service. Doing a job right - the first time - on time - and believing the customer comes first is important to us. And with a high rate of recommendation to prove it, we like to think we keep our promises.

Whether its a home PC, a small business network or a whole new setup, we are capable of meeting your needs. Quotations in writing will be provided for all jobs if required and there are never hidden extras. There is no call out charge, simply a minimum fee of one hour's labour for small jobs.

Macintosh, Linux and Windows are all the same to us - so choose a company which cares - just ask our customers.

Serviced Areas

  • Angus

Payment Options

  • Cash, Cheque, Internet banking transfer

Contact Details

  City Kirriemuir
  Postcode DD8 4HQ
  Address 102 Roods
  Phone Number 015 7557 3624

Products & Services

PC and MAC

Angus PC Repairs can look after your computer no matter what operating system you use

Customer Testimonials

"Before we started using ANGUS PC REPAIRS all our I.T. maintenance had been done in-house. This had led to a fragmented and inconsistent network. however, after and initial consultation and some work on our systems, we now have a stable and reliable setup. And we know if there are any problems ANGUS PC REPAIRS will be on hand to sort things out - usually within 24 hours."

Angus PC Repairs has been of great service to our office in the last year, which has been run on Apple Mac since 2006. Previously we had an organically grown IT arrangement which has now been upgraded and rationalised by Angus PC Repairs. As a result life is much smoother. Now, whenever we have a decision to make about our ongoing IT needs in the office, we ask Angus PC Repairs to consider how best to do it, and we are presented with a couple of well researched options for us to consider. From a business point of view, investing in Angus PC Repairs has been the right decision for our office, and it is reassuring to know that we have a professional and prompt service to call on should we need it.

Angus PC Repairs has provided us with excellent service for many years. They have built, supplied and serviced all our PC equipment. The team is very professional and they get work done fast. During our recent relocation, they assisted with our move and set up a new network – without them this task would have been impossible. They are easy to reach and reply to calls and e-mail quickly. I would recommend them to anyone.

Angus PC Repairs provides an excellent service, which I have used for many years. Not being very computer literate I definitely need expert help when technical things go wrong. Any repairs or servicing required are always carried out very quickly and efficiently. I am always so grateful when I see the problem resolved and I can again make full use of my PC. Angus is so pleasant and willing that I would certainly recommend Angus PC Repairs no matter the size of the problem.

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