Altus IT Services Ltd specialise in computer equipment diagnostic testing, reporting, repair and servicing. Established in 2007, the company prides itself on providing cost effective solutions for clients, without compromising quality.

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  • Cardiff, UK

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  Address 272 Newport Road
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Products & Services

Laptop & Tablet Screen Repair

If you have broken the screen on your laptop or tablet, you may not realise that it is possible to replace the damaged screen with a new one. Often, this can be far cheaper than buying a new device. In addition, provided the hard disk drive has not been damaged by whatever caused the screen to break, once repaired, your device will behave exactly as it did before, with all your files intact.

Power Socket (DC Jack) Repair

With most laptops, mains current is applied to a transformer unit, or charger, and the cable from the charger is connected to a socket on the laptop. The transformer, or charger, converts the mains AC voltage into the DC voltage on which the laptop runs. For this reason, the socket inside the laptop is often described as the 'DC jack'.

If you find you are needing to position the laptop power connector in a certain way in order to charge the laptop, it could be that the laptop power connector (DC jack) is damaged, or that an associated solder joint has gone 'dry'. Alternatively, you may have dropped your laptop and broken the pin inside or cracked the socket. In any case, the damage is usually repairable.

To repair the socket usually involves completely disassembling the laptop to gain access to the mainboard. In some circumstances, the power socket is mounted onto the mainboard or a daughter board.