Advanced Computer Solutions the 5th Emergency Service.

An emergency computer rescue team are currently making quite a splash in town in helping businesses and individuals with their eleventh hour computer failures.

For anyone who has ever suffered computer meltdown at a crucial time, whether it's a deadline time for an important business contract, a valentine's greeting to a loved one or an online weekly shopping order, Advanced Computer Solutions, who have recently moved in to new offices in Poole, are as good as a fifth emergency service.

They are offering insurance against problems commonly associated with computer systems and networks, whether for small and medium-sized businesses who cannot afford to employ a full-time IT technician help and assistance is now on hand to eradicate those hard and software gremlins.

The exclusive insurance policy offered by Advanced Computer Solutions allows clients the piece of mind that if anything goes wrong with their systems then the support is on hand and is just a telephone call away. Their Maintenance Support Contract covers items such as regular system health checks, guaranteed onsite five hour response times, telephone support, anti-virus management almost everything a small to medium sized business would need, all without the expense of an on-site IT engineer.

Already clients are queuing up to take advantage of this fantastic level of service from Advanced Computer Solutions.

Darren, who is a business owner from Poole, said: I once lost several months worth of work because I had not created a safety back up system in case things went wrong. I was tearing my hair out for weeks afterwards trying to catch up. I heard about Advanced Computer Solutions through a friend on the business network circuit and I needed some insurance in case something similar goes wrong again. Now if anything does happen, Advanced Computer Solutions come to my rescue and they have created a back up system just in case, which takes away the additional worry for me of having to undertake my own IT support and I can carry on running my business.

With small and medium businesses increasingly putting their critical systems on networks, the rise of e-commerce and online trading, companies need insurance against potential hazards.

Theodore Frank from Advanced Computer Solutions states No matter how well prepared you are, the nature of IT and the Internet means that things do stop working at times often at the wrong time!
We sometimes receive calls from panicky managers, who need to get their finger on the problem straight away but have never got to grips with their IT infrastructure. The last thing they need is to be bombarded with jargon and a patronising voice on the other end of the phone.

Advanced Computer Solutions can guarantee to respond to emergency calls within five hours on any weekday between 8.30am and 6pm, as well as offering unlimited telephone support and remote support configured to each network.

Through its maintenance support contract, tailored to the specific needs of individual companies, the husband and wife team, Helen and Theodore Frank who have just taken on new staff - are offering a computer hardware and software troubleshooting service.

All of the staff at Advanced Computer Solutions have got a fabulous flair for communication and make it their creed to dispense with the jargon of computer language. Nor will they offer the age old advice - just turn it off and on mate.

Dave Stoneman, Director Silver Service Chauffeurs: We at Silver Service Chauffeurs have used Advanced Computer Solutions since we started.

Dave goes onto the say Advanced Computer Solutions Maintenance Support Contracts take away the hassle of IT glitches- without charging premium line rates and will banish the need to pay unnecessarily for a computer health check.

For more information please contact Theodore Frank at Advanced Computer Solutions on Tel: 01202 244513,

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As Advanced Computer Solutions we specialise in IT support for small to medium sized businesses. Here are some of the services we can offer for your business, if you have any questions please don't hesitate contacting us. We honestly care about your success, we are here to help with anything we possibly can. Even if you don't see a service on our website you can still enquire to see if we offer it. Your success is our success, we offer a range of professional services at unbeatable prices and you can expect our experienced team to help you every step of the way.

We at Advanced Computer Solutions understand that business's, particularly in the small to medium sector, are putting more and more of their critical business systems on networks. The rapid rise of e-commerce, initially e-mail and Internet access and now online trading, has added a new dimension and must be integral to a company's network strategy. By networking your computer systems it allows you easy access to hardware and software with higher security of data throughout your company. Networks also allow you to work more efficiently with ease and speed.